Basic Digital Mood Board online

Basic Digital Mood Board online

Basic Digital Mood Board online
per board - per room

This package is where it all begins. One idea leads to more, and eventually the end result. This is essential for customers stuck for ideas, not knowing where to start means you never start. Let us kick-start your project with a digital mood board!

The package covers:-
Initial telephone consultation. We would love to have a chat with you about your needs, style and desires. We will need to see your space virtually, via photos and video. Once we have an idea of the space you are working with we can start working on the ideas and bring them together and create your mood board inspiring you to make the purchases and carry out any work yourself at your own pace, or pay someone local to do it!

A Mood Board will be created to reflect the information you have given us through a questionnaire and our discussions, to tailor your very own design board - featuring colours, styles, furniture and soft furnishing ideas for one room of your choice. It will be sent to you online within a few days. What you do next is in your own hands, equipped with professional advice you wont go wrong!

There will be a combination of colours and ideas within the mood board so that you are guaranteed to like it and find it useful moving onwards...

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