Design consultation & development online

Design consultation & development online

Design consultation & development online
package per room


We are here to help you get started with some buzzing new ideas! If you have been stuck with old ideas that you cant seem to get away from but don't like enough to do without that something missing! This package will give you all the information and ideas you need to get started on doing the exciting stuff and seeing it come to life! ...because well, now you know what you want! Amazing right!

Our job is to understand your needs and bring them together with your tastes to shape the room!  

We have over 25 years in the interior design field and we are not wasting that! Hiring a physical interior designer is expensive, so we would like to help! We don't have to be local or even step foot in your house to give you interior design expertise, we can do it all virtually online, you wont even need to take a day off work! This is what this package is based on. No home visits, just messages, emails, telephone calls, and online meetings at a time convenient to you!  

This package includes the following:-

Concept design, (we understand what you want together) development (we bring it all together) and proposal (we present the design with everything factored in) so you know what you are getting and how it will look.  

Initial consultation : This is where we talk about your likes and dislikes, evaluate the space and its function.

The package covers everything you need to get your design portfolio fully completed and ready for the physical work.

Initial brief consultation (telephone call) Gathering photos/videos and anything else discussed during call.  

We create - A Mood Board - featuring colours, styles, furniture and soft furnishing ideas. This helps us make sure we are on the same page with regard to colours and styles. This will help you understand what you really want and bring in more ideas you didn't grasp before.

2 point perspective sketch - visual idea for the specific room and layout.

Floor plan including space and furniture positioning. Further sketches of front view elevations and aerial furniture layout plan.

Up to 5 hours work on your project - planning, research, considerations, problem solving, resourcing of products - where to shop links provided.  

A follow up consultation to discuss ideas, changes, additional needs, and a
plan of action if client wishes to go ahead with the work (with Paint Pot). 

If client goes ahead with the work an estimate will be provided for the scope of the works and project management fees and 10% of the package fee goes towards the work enlisted.  

The portfolio will be the yours to keep!


If you would like Paint Pot to arrange and carry out the work as per the design specification an estimate will be arranged.  

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