Average costs


Painting a room


The average cost of painting one room is between £250 and £400 and takes 1-2 days to complete depending on the size and difficulty rating. This includes woodwork (doors not included), ceiling and coving.   


Painting a 3 bed House - approximate


Painting an average sized 3 bed house internally only, including all rooms, all walls, ceilings and woodwork to include doors.

Wallpaper hanging

Wallpaper hanging (per drop)


Wallpapering a feature wall, a whole room, a whole house is calculated at £20 per drop.


Tiling - walls and floors


Tiling will be calculated at the rate of £200 per day. This can be higher depending on the type of tiles being laid, porcelain/natural stone tiles weigh more and are harder to cut. Another factor to consider is the shape and complexity of a space or design. This rate does not include materials such as adhesive and grout.

Cleaning, Decluttering, Clearing

Cleaning - Residential or Commercial



Residential: General house cleaning, spring clean, deep clean, weekly clean.

Prices start at £60 (insured)  

A fixed price will be given at a free consultation in the premises. 

Declutter & Organise



Prices start at £100 (insured)

A fixed price will be given at a free consultation in the premises.

Clear out


We can dispose of all unwanted items in a premises ready for letting out, moving in or preparing for a full renovation or paint project. A skip/van must be acquired. We can take care of this for you for the relevant fees or you can make your own arrangements to provide responsible and safe waste disposal.

Prices start at £100 (insured) 

A free estimate is arranged to evaluate and give you a fixed price. 



Total gutting of the premises, including removing carpets, and tiles, removing wallpaper, appliances, kitchen units, furniture, and anything else in the house which is not permanantly fixed as part of the house.

A free estimate giving you a fixed price for the job will be provided. Fess will be added to third party labourers such as Gas Safe Engineers, electricians and plumbers for removal of connected appliances. You are free to arrange to disconnect these before our arrival by competent professionals certficated appropriately.